• Single Wrangle Challenge #1: Helix / Labs Spiral

    Sometimes when I’m bored, waiting for renders or just have nothing better to do, I open an empty Houdini scene, put down a Detail Wrangle and see what I can create from scratch with just mathematics (and VEX of course). One of the things I create the most are circles, waves and helices (plural of helix — yes, I had to look that up).

  • VEX Ray Tracer #4: Blinn-Phong Shading

    How I’ve been looking forward to this part. When I wrote this ray tracer for the first time, implementing Blinn-Phong shading was one of my proudest achievements. Not because it’s complicated or anything (it’s actually pretty straight forward), but because it was the first time I translated a technical write up and pseudo-code into something useful for my purpose. It was also the first time where I could’ve stopped and have a working product. Nothing too impressive in a time where real-time ray tracing is the cool kid on the block.

  • VEX Ray Tracer #3: Supersampling Anti-Aliasing

    And we’re back.

  • VEX Ray Tracer #2: Plane Projection

    Now let’s get into it.

  • VEX Ray Tracer #1: Initial Setup

    No more procrastinating. After thinking about all the different ways to put this on the internet, I decided to start a blog, and this is my first blog post.